6:42 pm on March 2nd, 2015

Setting Goals


When I first began my health and fitness journey, I was focused on small changes - because I am clear that changes in practice is what makes for life alterations. But I'm a goal oriented person, and I really did need to have a sense of where this path would take me. I like to plan, and I like to strategize. Once I overcame my intimidation of the conversation and the activities, I was passionate about identifying and committing to goals.

As I shared in a few previous posts, one of the main things I wanted was to get out of my internal self image and consider what do I look like now, how do I feel now, what can I do now... and also, what might I look like later, how might I feel and what might I be able to do that I can't now?

And it's also interesting how those answers have already shifted.

Overall, I felt good when I started - so that wasn't something I thought would shift much. I knew that there were things I was not doing and I wanted to experience those limits removed. I want to ski again and I hadn't since my knee injury 4-5 years back. I wanted hike and run and bicycle, and while I could begin those things, I didn't trust that I would have any endurance. Especially with running. My goals around doing are not concrete. I want to be able to do whatever strikes my fancy and not be stopped by my body. I want to live healthy for a very long time. Those things are hard to measure in the present, so I am leaning towards focusing on more measurable results... which segue us to how I look.

This is the area where I think I've had less power. I know I'm curvy - so as I shared, I began looking at what other curvy women look like - because I know I can't really see myself. I found resources that showed me others at my height and weight and general body type... and then started looking at 20 lbs down, 30 lbs down, 40 lbs down, etc. At first I felt that 160 or 165 was the only realistic goal I could set in terms of my weight. I hadn't been smaller than that as an adult so I just assumed that was good enough.

After doing research for a while however and trying to line up height, weight, measurements and clothing sizes, I stumbled upon a calculator for estimating ideal weight that was based on a wide variety of inputs that included wrist and neck size. This seemed intriguing because I always have felt that the recommendations I had seen were too generic.  Well after doing some analysis - it turns out I have a small body frame. I remembered that when I was in my late teens - a chiropractor had mentioned that to me. I hadn't really stored it... it didn't really seem realistic because I was always large.

But a secondary analysis measuring the distance between my two bones at the elbow confirmed it - yep I have a small frame. That means that the large conversation is the one that needed to go away. I was going to set goals for a new reality of being small.

My starting metrics are these: weight: 204, waist 36, hips 49 and bust 44. My initial goal was to get to 170 lbs by the end of March - but since I had hit 173 in February I adjusted things. Here is what it looks like now and to be clear - I have no idea at all if the measurements will pan out - so far I am meeting or exceeding my own expectations - but who knows how my body will react as I continue... I just like numbers. :) 

  Starting Current 31-Mar 30-Jun 30-Sep
Weight 204 173 162 139 126
Bust 44 41 42 39 37
Waist 36 31.5 32 28 26
Hips 49 44.5 44 40 38
Thighs 28 26 26 24.5 23


Wish me luck! I doubt I really want to be 126 lbs long term but I want to see if I can get there. My guess is that I'll really prefer to be somewhere in the 135-140 range at the end of the day. I'll make that decision later in the year.