9:04 am on January 3rd, 2015

Starting My Journey to Health & Fitness

A Decision: 

Last year during a regular checkup, I weighed in at 204 lbs. I've always been the big girl in my circle of my friends... at least since high school when I developed my curvy figure. Over the years I just added a few pounds here and there... 10 in the years after high school, 15 or so when we moved to Spain and I just couldn't stop eating all the yummy food and a pound or two other years when I thought I was just to busy to be active.

But last year, I made a decision. I did not want to continue this pattern. I don't want to continue putting this amount of weight on my joints as I get older. I want to live a long time and I want that time to be high quality. In recent years, I'd gotten a few injuries doing the activities I love: I may have torn my ACL while Alpine skiing and I got a bad sprain on my ankle when playing racquetball. Though I did the PT and got back to 'normal' function, I never really returned to the activities. I was nervous about getting injured more and figured I should not do them unless I was more physically fit - but I did not change my life to be more fit. That is, until the end of last year...

In November I started by making a small change. I committed (and succeeded) at being active in some way at least 5 days a week. Then I convinced my spouse to join a gym. It was great for Matthew - he began working with a trainer, but I didn't like it - I kept complaining that it wasn't as nice as the gyms we'd previously been members of. But I still had a desire to create change. So in December, I bought all sorts of Groupons for personal trainers, yoga, pilates, kettleball classes and more. I started by going to a trainer and a physical therapist and it was the best choice I could have made. 

2014-12-25 09.47.50.jpg

Apparently, my ankle injury was not as 'normal' as I had thought. My kneecap was pushed over to the right and long walking and lunges were hurting my knee. I'm sure, that had I just started going hog wild on activity, I would have stopped and blamed it on the pain - by going at it incrementally, I could notice things and with the help of professionals, I resolved the underlying issues.

Towards the end of December I was down to 197 (the picture here is from Christmas Day 2014). Shedding those first pounds was not even something I focused on - I barely noticed it happening. But as I continued to research nutrition, fitness and weight loss, things began to pickup up. Over the next few months, I'll keep posting aspects of my personal learning, experience and the overall journey. I know it was helpful to me to find a few stories online and hopefully these posts will make a difference for someone else.


Posted by Mary on
Please feel free to leave comments here. I really am interested in the conversation.
Posted by Don Bishop on
Hey, Mary

Congratulations on getting in shape.

My partner, Diana Bright, is a registered dietitian. She recently discovered "The Fast Metabolism Diet" by Haylie Pomroy, and we're planning to try it.

She comes from an animal nutrition background, where there's a lot of science. She became an Registered Wellness Consultant. Her method involves speeding up the patient's metabolism by using selected foods. No dieting. We'll keep you posted. www.fastmetabolismdiet.com
Posted by Anne Richardson on
Holy cow, woman! Nice work! What you're doing is hard. I am so glad to hear you've hired the help you need and that you're tackling the challenge of a lifestyle change towards fitness. I know adopting new habits is hard, but sometimes I think kicking old ones is harder. I'm curious to hear what you biggest challenge is so far in the habit department. Also, if you're interested in a nutrition tracking and projecting app, I've been using https://cronometer.com for a while and I find it is the most data-based, nutrition-focused app of its kind.
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