5:54 pm on March 12th, 2015

Decision Tree for Determining Appropriate Open Source License

A Way to Compare Open Source Licenses:

When we released JoyaCMS quite a while back, we had to grapple with some decisions about licensing. Below are some thoughts we had about licensing open-source as we worked through the details to select the most appropriate license for our needs. 

As I researched the details on open source licenses, what I found is that the information is typically far too low-level and it was hard to keep everything in my head at once.  I found a few helpful posts where folks created matrices to help distinguish the various properties of different open source licenses but for some reason it was not helping me articulate the issues such that I could make a decision.  Then I found a post from quite a few years back that described it as a series of decisions.

I created the map above to illustrate these questions and decisions.  Please reference the original article for more details.

You can find the original article by Ed Burnette in his blog

I hope this helps you with any decisions. It is by no means complete or even up to date at this point - but it could still be useful as an approach.  Best of luck.