What a ride! I've been founding startups, consulting and building software applications & products since the nineties. While I got into it somewhat by accident, it is my love. I can't imagine life any other way really.

MaryPhoto1HighRes-SQ.jpgI've had tons of great experiences... working for myself, working for others, living in Spain, studying at the University of Chicago and generally just living a fulfilled life. I can't stop building teams and creating software. I've just accepted this about myself and now life is a little easier.

The past few years have been incredibly good. Besides getting myself into the best fitness I've been in since my early teens, I've really grown in my profession.

I have learned from successes and failures and I've taken the time to reflect and make it work for me. I actually went to a developer bootcamp for 10 weeks last year and I dug into the weeds of full stack web development. I came out more clear about how new tech is being implemented in fabulous ways and it gave me insight about how to better approach working with engineering teams. Right now, I'm keeping busy mentoring other early stage startup founders, helping others build products and I'm really looking for my next great adventure. By adventure, I mean a journey of growth where I can develop myself as a leader, product creator and manager and as a person. 

I recently was reminiscing about my first startup, Dream Team Technologies - and I looked up our founding documents / principles. They are as inspiring today as they were when we wrote them and lived them. I'm fired up about the possibility of working with a team where the is an alignment in our approach to what is important and where the commitment to creating tools or products that matter to us as human beings is shared. So, bring it on. Are you part of the team that is in my future? I am on the lookout.