• Life, Projects & Fun

    Welcome 2017! A year of change, but I'm excited about it nonetheless. Learning & growing is my context for living. The past few years have been at times glorious and at times uncomfortable - and if anything I choose uncomfortable... because that is where growth lives. It isn't that I don't want joy, or fulfillment - I think I can have those simultaneously. Chek out my ABOUT page to find out more.

    If you find yourself in my neighborhood, look me up - Matthew and I often host small dinner parties or occasional 'salons' (talking circles) and we love to invite new friends.

    What's Up

    Business & Startups
    JoyaSolutions | Web & Mobile Product Development

    Building Products with great people is my Passion!

    Regardless of whether I am a founder, a consultant, an employee or just a gal on the street - I find my joy and purpose building software products. It doesn't have to make sense, it just is. I love the energy, opportunities to learn, and overall, I love working with teams of people who can share a vision. www.JoyaSolutions.com.
    Real Madrid C.F. & Optimists United

    The Best Futbol Club in the World! & My Soccer Team!

    Soy Madrileña y Madridista and now I play, manage and am learning to even coach a team of amazing women. We play outdoor in the fall and spring and indoor in the winter and summer. Great fun!
    Healthy Active Living

    Shifting Normal Around My Body

    It's been part of my identity since I was a teen, that I was just a larger person. After deciding that longevity and life quality are super important to me this past year, I decided to do something about my health and particularly my weight. The shift began in late 2014 and the results are exciting.